Flutter Launch Jackpots Drop Bingo Room

The Flutter owned bingo sites, Paddy Power Bingo, Sky and Betfair, have recently launched a new bingo room called Jackpots Drop Bingo.

From what I can see, it is networked between these three brands and features a jackpot feature whereby there are five additional jackpots that players can win. These jackpots are guaranteed to be won within certain timeframes, such as every hour, day, week and month. The fifth, I’m not so sure how often that is supposed to be won, but I’m guessing maybe once a quarter?

The Jackpots That Drop

  • Hourly Jackpot: £20 fixed prize
  • Daily Jackpot: £100 fixed prize
  • Weekly Jackpot: £300 fixed prize
  • Monthly Jackpot: £varied progressive jackpot
  • Giant Jackpot: £varied progressive jackpot

When I had a look at this new room the monthly jackpot was growing past £5,000 and the giant one was £10,000+.

This Seems Very Familiar?

If all this seems familiar to you then it’s probably because this isn’t a new feature for the Playtech network. This additional jackpot format where prizes are paid out hourly, daily, weekly, etc has been around for a while at the likes of Mecca Bingo and Gala Bingo.

At Mecca they are called the ‘Premiere Jackpots’ with each level named bronze, silver, gold, platinum and Diamond. At Gala they’re referred to as Gala Jackpots with the biggest one called BINGO BOSS.

Comparing the Jackpot Drop Room prizes with Gala & Mecca

So What’s Different?

At first glance at the jackpots of Mecca and Gala (above), it does seem like the Jackpot Drops room has slightly more generous fixed jackpots compared to their two big rivals. Their weekly payout is £300 compared to £250 at Gala and £100 at Mecca. Progressives can be ignored really as the other two have been running much longer and have therefore grown to huge amounts.

The main difference is that at PaddyPower and co, these jackpots are only available in that one single room. This means the marketing messaging to players is much simpler, and players who head to that room are there because they want to win those prizes.

With Mecca and Gala, these jackpots are available in multiple rooms, which you could argue is a good thing for players. However, I would argue that it dilutes the pulling power of those jackpots if they’re available basically everywhere. Flutter has been clever here in my opinion by spinning this feature into a room of it’s own.

It’s much easier to understand for players, and often it is simplicity which wins the day in the war for online bingo supremacy.

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