Live From Studio M – Wayne Gets On Mecca TV!

Mecca Bingo’s Ambitious New Livestream Show

Mecca Bingo are no strangers to doing livestreamed bingo events. They’ve had Mecca TV for a long while and it seems another month doesn’t go by without some big live show being announced to entertain the Mecca roomies.

Well, this month they’ve outdone themselves by putting on six (yes, six!) 2-hour live shows every week, Monday to Saturday, throughout February 2021. The name for this new promotion: LIVE FROM STUDIO M!

I was invited to take part in one of the shows which I agreed to, but only if anything I won could be given to charity. I didn’t want any Mecca roomies thinking I was stealing their prize money!

So Mecca kindly dropped £10 in my account and I went along to the show from the comfort of their Main Event bingo room, and later got a special phone call from Mecca’s host with the most, Lisa Celisse.

Watch: Wayne Appears On Live From Studio M

Check out the video below where you’ll see me trying a game of Higher & Lower with Strictly Come Dancing star Robin Windsor.

I didn’t do too badly and in the end we raised an extra £70 for the Captain Tom Foundation which Mecca will add to the amazing £4,000+ donation they made on the show just last week.

What Is Live From Studio M Exactly?

Well, if you’ve never seen or heard of these shows before, it is essentially a show that takes advantage of the Bingo TV functionality of the Playtech software used by Mecca. It allows a live feed video to be fed into any number of the bingo rooms, which players can watch and listen in to.

On this occasion, the show was being broadcast into Main Event, Penny Lane and Rollercoaster bingo rooms. I think this is great as it means Mecca players have a choice of different ticket prices (Penny Lane = 1p tickets) and it splits the player numbers down a bit. If everyone watching was all in the one room, it would have over 1,000 players taking part. It’s a super popular event.

Now the hosts change as does the format and games each evening, but when I was there on Monday 8th February it was Mecca TV regular Lisa Celisse and Strictly star Robin Windsor hosting the show. Other hosts include Leah Charles-King, TOWIE star Bobby NorrisCraig Stevens and Kate Thornton.

The first half hour was kind of a welcome segment, with a bit of chat, saying hi to the roomies and explaining to everyone the rules and most importantly, giving out the code to take part in the special phone call games that would come later on. This bit is also streamed on the Mecca Facebook page.

After that, it’s show time and the proper fun and games begin.

Show Me The Money!

It’s totally free for any Mecca players to take part in Live From Studio M.

All you have to do to enter is to watch the show and listen out for a code given out by the presenters. Once you have the code, enter it in the Bonus Code section of Mecca Bingo and this puts you into a draw to be called back for one of the prize games.

Plus, don’t forget to answer the call by shouting “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”. My tip is to say it a few times, as when I called in they didn’t hear me say it at first.

Higher Or Lower

Mecca’s take on the classic play your cards right trope. 5 playing cards are presented and the lucky caller gets to guess if the next card will be higher or lower.

Ace is the highest card. 2 is the lowest card. The game ends if you guess incorrectly or get two cards of the same value (nothing for a pair – not in this game!).

Even if you don’t get all the way to the end, you still win cash for each correct card

Mecca Cash Square

In this game, players get 30 seconds to answer as many questions as possible. For each correct answer they get to choose a cash square. Behind each is a hidden cash prize.

Before the cash squares are revealed, the player can choose to keep the squares they have won, or they can gamble it all for one final killer question.

If they stick, they keep the prize money hidden behind the squares. If they gamble, the cash they would have won is revealed, and then they face one last question. If they get that correctly they win £1,500. If they get it wrong they lose and win nothing!

Mecca Memory Game

In this game, one of the presenters has to watch the screen and try to memorise 20 pictures that appear. While that’s going on, the other presenter will ask questions to the Mecca player, with each correct answer earning 5 seconds of time for the first presenter to remember as many images they had seen on the TV as possible,

Each image they recall correctly will earn the Mecca player a cash prize (announced during the show).

Mecca Match

Here the player on the call is given a phrase which will have a word missing. They then have 30 seconds to come up with a word that fits the phrase.

In the studio, up to 5 people will also write down a word. The player will reveal their word and for every match they have with the people in the studio they will win a cash prize.

You Say It We Pay It

This classic game starts with some questions. Each correct answer earns 10 seconds of time.

The seconds earned by the caller will then be the amount of time they have to explain 10 pictures shown on a screen behind the guest in the studio. The Mecca player will earn a cash prize for each of the pictures they are able to get the guest to say without having said the name of that item

Other Mecca TV Content

As well as the live call-in games there are other segments throughout the shows, such as soap expert Susan Hill who was on Monday’s show talking about all the gossip from soapland, plus she had a pre-recorded segment where she interviewed ex Coronation Street actor Adam Rickett.

The entire Live From Studio M very much feels like a mix between The Big Breakfast, This Morning and Quiz Call, and it’s a great format that players obviously love.

I’ll definitely be checking it out again and I advise you to do the same.

Live From Studio M is available every night from 8 pm-10 pm on Mecca Bingo, Monday through Saturday, this February. Check it out.

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